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Breast Cancer Care and Treatment

Kathryn A. Wagner, M.D.- San Antonio Breast Surgeon“I will provide, to the best of my ability, compassionate care in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and benign breast diseases, in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality.”

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Accredited Comprehensive Breast Center

Accredited Comprehensive Breast CenterThe Offices of Kathryn A. Wagner M.D. is designated by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NABPC) as an Accredited Comprehensive Breast Center. 

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Ways to Reduce Risk of Breast CancerWays to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

While there are risk factors over which you have no control (such as heredity and growing older), there are behaviors you can change to reduce your risk of breast cancer.  >>More Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer FactsBreast Cancer Factoids

20 seconds: The minimum amount of time your doctor should spend on each breast during your clinical breast examination. >>More Breast Cancer Factoids.

Breast Cancer MythsBreast Cancer Myths

Mammograms prevent breast cancer. Unfortunately, mammograms can’t keep cancer from forming. But, mammograms are your best tool for detecting cancer in its earliest stages, making it a necessity for all women, young and old, in the fight against this disease.  >>More Breast Cancer Myths.

Breast Cancer Preventive NutritionGood Eats to Beat Breast Cancer

A healthy diet is an essential ingredient in lowering your breast cancer risk. >>Foods to Help Prevent Developing Breast Cancer.